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Before accessing our Service Provider list please review the following so you can understand and agree to the terms listed.

The service providers listed are not employed by ELMECO. The list is compiled by ELMECO and consists of qualified providers recommended to perform work on our units whether they are within warranty or not.

Our standard warranty policies apply to any work performed by these providers. Before accepting these terms, please view the warranty statement by visiting the Warranty Support Page.

By viewing this list you are accepting the terms and conditions set forth to access the Preferred and Recommended Service provider list. This list will allow you to locate a provider in your area. The ELMECO warranty covers reasonable travel time which is defined as 1 hour one way, anything more than this must be pre-approved. Please contact Technical Support for prior approval before having any unit serviced. Excessive travel will not be covered under warranty without pre-approval.

Elmeco recommends, but does not require that a service provider from this list is used, however, we do require that a licensed professional is used to perform any warranty service on your Elmeco unit.

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